Annual New Year's Eve Gala

A Tradition of Celebration

An Unforgettable Start to the New Year

Every year, Maravela’s Banquets & Catering in Ingleside, IL, becomes the epicenter of celebration as we host our much-anticipated New Year’s Eve Gala. This event is not just a party; it’s a tradition that has brought the community together for over four decades. As we look forward to welcoming another year, we invite you to join us for an evening that promises luxury, laughter, and a lavish start to the new year.

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Celebrating Over Four Decades of New Year's Eves

Maravela’s New Year’s Eve Gala has become a cornerstone of our annual event calendar, marking the culmination of a year’s worth of celebrations, gatherings, and shared moments. With each passing year, the gala has evolved, incorporating new elements of entertainment and dining, while always maintaining the high standard of elegance and enjoyment that our guests have come to expect.


Gourmet Dining Experience




Premium Open Bar


Midnight Celebrations

What Makes Maravela's New Year's Eve Gala Special?

Our gala is renowned for its deluxe chef-carved prime rib buffet, an array of exquisite appetizers including shrimp cocktail, and a sensational sweets table that offers a decadent finish to the meal. The atmosphere is electrified with the sounds from our professional DJ, ensuring that the dance floor remains vibrant and lively throughout the night. Our 6-hour premium open bar features a selection of top-shelf beverages, allowing guests to toast to the new year in style. The night reaches its peak at midnight with a champagne toast and a spectacular balloon drop, marking the beginning of a new year filled with hope and promise.

A Gala Rooted in Elegance

The dress code for the evening is formal, aligning with the gala’s ambiance of sophistication and class. It’s an opportunity for guests to don their finest attire, contributing to the magnificent visual spectacle that the event is known for.

An Annual Tradition You Won't Want to Miss

Year after year, guests return to Maravela’s to celebrate the new year, drawn by the warm atmosphere, exceptional service, and the joy of ringing in the new year surrounded by friends, family, and the Maravela’s community. The event has become a cherished tradition for many, symbolizing renewal, celebration, and the joy of shared experiences.

Join Us in Welcoming the New Year

As we prepare for this year’s gala, we reflect on the memories of past celebrations and look forward to creating new ones. The Maravela’s New Year’s Eve Gala is not just an event; it’s a yearly milestone that brings together the best of dining, entertainment, and community spirit.

Reservations are required for this exclusive event, with ticket options available for individuals and groups. Advance payment is necessary to secure your spot at this premier event, ensuring that you can join us in welcoming the new year with elegance and excitement.

Be Part of the Tradition

For more information on how to reserve your spot at the next Maravela’s New Year’s Eve Gala or to learn more about our annual celebration, please contact us. Let’s raise a glass to the year past and welcome the year ahead with open hearts and joyous spirits.

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