St. Patrick’s Day Pickup Packages

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Maravela’s Pickup Packages

Dive into the Festive Spirit with Our Special Menu – Only $24.95 Per Person

Maravela’s invites you to bring the joy and tradition of St. Patrick’s Day into your home with our exclusive Pickup Packages. Designed to make your celebration as effortless as it is delicious, our menu has been carefully curated to offer a taste of the holiday’s best.

Our St. Patrick's Day
Menu Includes:

Corned Beef & Cabbage:
Tender, slow-cooked corned beef paired with savory cabbage, a traditional favorite that’s sure to be the highlight of your feast.

Red Buttered Parsley Potatoes:
Flavorful red potatoes seasoned with parsley and butter, offering the perfect blend of comfort and taste.

Sliced Carrots:
Bright, freshly sliced carrots to add a vibrant pop of color and a crisp, healthy addition to your plate.

Garden Salad:
A fresh garden salad accompanied by an assortment of dressing packets, allowing everyone to customize their greens just the way they like.

Marble Rye Bread:
Soft, marble rye bread, an ideal complement to our hearty corned beef and cabbage.

White Cupcake with Green Icing:
A sweet ending to your St. Patrick’s Day meal, these cupcakes are as festive as they are delicious.

Mustard Packets:
Add a little extra zing to your meal with our mustard packets, perfect for dressing up your corned beef.

What We Got Going On


Event Detail

Date: March 7, 2023

Maravela’s Banquets & Catering,
4 Washington Street,
Ingleside, IL


Reserve Your Spot

Simply call 847-587-6100 to place your order.



Easy Pickup Service

For just $24.95 per person, you can order your St. Patrick’s Day feast from Maravela’s. We are offering pickup service only to make your celebration as convenient as possible.


Everything You Need

All items are packed in disposable pans and containers for easy serving and cleanup.

Plastic serving tongs and spoons are available upon request.

Styrofoam plates and plasticware packets are also available upon request.


Reservation Details

Each St. Patrick’s Day Pickup Package is priced at only $24.95 per person, ensuring a festive feast that’s easy on your wallet. 

Please note, a 7.5% sales tax will be added to the total order.

Menu Highlights

Corned Beef, Cabbage, Potatoes, & Carrots

Enjoy a feast with tender corned beef paired with savory cabbage, perfectly seasoned red buttered parsley potatoes, and freshly sliced carrots for a colorful addition to your plate.

Garden Salad

Crisp garden salad accompanied by a variety of dressing options.

White Cupcake with Green Icing

Indulge your sweet tooth with a delightful white cupcake topped with festive green icing.

Don't Miss Out

Ensure your St. Patrick’s Day is filled with good food and cheer with Maravela’s Pickup Packages. Order now and make your celebration one to remember. Call us at 847-587-6100 to secure your feast. Hurry, as our special menu is available for a limited time only!

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